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ns 1000 - coming soon

The NS1000 is the bigger brother of the 500 with greater capacity and a more powerful output, this series is currently under construction and undergoing testing so please just call us for details. Thank you.
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The Nebulair NS1000
The Nebulair NS500
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ns 500
  • Portable
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Mains Power (power lead included)
  • Patented
  • CE Marked
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Casing (304DP1)
  • No aerosol propellants or VOC’s
  • Treats the air and exposed surfaces
  • Will not affect sensitive equipment
  • Dry mist (1.2 micron) particles
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For your convenience

and comfort, the Nebulair ns 500 comes as a complete kit in this tough flight case with laser cut safety foam inserts, sanitising fluid & instructions - everything you need to decontaminate a room is in the box.


48cm x 36cm x 42cm


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Voltage = 220-240 VAC mains down to 24V (transformer provided)
Power = 30 - 45 Watts @ 240 VAC


72/73EEC (low voltage directive)
86/594EEC (household noise emissions directive)
89/336EEC (electromagnetic compatibility directive)

Height = 350mm (13.5 inches)
Width = 230mm (9 inches)
Depth = 245mm (8 inches)


Without Refill = 5.2kg
With full Refill = 6.2kg
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Your nebulair® system has been designed to give you years of fault free service but, for your peace of mind, is guaranteed against mechanical and electrical malfunction for a period of 12 months from date of purchase. The warranty is deemed as void where there are signs of tampering, use of non-standard products or damage due to misuse.
Should your unit fail, contact our help line on +44 (00)7719095084, and one of our technical team will discuss the problem with you. If this does not resolve the problem you will be given a Unit Returns Number (URN). Completely drain the unit and return to us in the original packaging quoting the URN. On receipt of your unit, an inspection will be carried out, following which a replacement unit will be sent to you if the unit is faulty.

Patent Granted

Full details of this product and more can be found in our downloadable brochure -
just click it here to download.

Latest News

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Latest News - Our NS500 has been tested by the HSE and the results are out…please email us for a full copy.

Occupational Hygiene Unit Microbiology Analytical Service

Report Number - MICRO/LET/2014/2

Description of work

Investigation of Nebulair fumigation device

Job Number


Customer Name and Address

Pierre Labat, Nebulair Technologies

Report Date

30th January 2014
"The Nebulair® NS500 system shows potential as a disinfectant/ neutralization system and was convenient to use, being lightweight, compact and easy to operate. An advantage of this system is its ability to move the air around the room during fumigant delivery, avoiding stratification of the Nebusan® sanitiser and therefore delivering similar microbial kill at various heights within the room."

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