The Nebulair® NS500 system uses patented Dry Mist Ultrasonic technology to provide guaranteed and cost effective safety cabinets (MSC) and room decontamination (WRD). The ultra light 'dry' mist, with a particle size of less than 1.7µ, will comprehensively sanitise all exposed surfaces, as well as the air within the target area, to ensure that any air-borne pathogens are destroyed.The mist generated is ‘dry’ and as a consequence will not damage electronic or sensitive equipment whilst in operation. The system is capable of utilising a range of biocides some of which have been specifically formulated for use in the Nebulair® sanitising systems.

Looking for an alternative to formalin for the effective decontamination of biological safety cabinet? 

Look no further…

A new test, independently undertaken by the Health & Safety Laboratory (HSL) in a comprehensive report, demonstrates that the Nebulair NS500 misting unit in combination with our Nebusan disinfectant provides an effective and reliable alternative to formaldehyde for the decontamination of biological safety cabinets and the HEPA filters. 
The dry mist is not corrosive and will not damage sensitive equipment. The biocides we use are specially formulated for use only in the nebulair®sanitising systems.

Nebulair®systems are fast, effective and extremely easy to operate and deploy making it the ideal mobile rapid response solution to infection control.

Nebulair® technologies can build bespoke infection control systems to meet your specific requirements.

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Latest News - Our NS500 has been tested by the HSE and the results are out…please email us for a full copy.

Occupational Hygiene Unit Microbiology Analytical Service

Report Number - MICRO/LET/2014/2

Description of work

Investigation of Nebulair fumigation device

Job Number


Customer Name and Address

Pierre Labat, Nebulair Technologies

Report Date

30th January 2014
"The Nebulair® NS500 system shows potential as a disinfectant/ neutralization system and was convenient to use, being lightweight, compact and easy to operate. An advantage of this system is its ability to move the air around the room during fumigant delivery, avoiding stratification of the Nebusan® sanitiser and therefore delivering similar microbial kill at various heights within the room."

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